Oracle Database 11g: SQL Fundamentals I - Complete Library

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This course is a common starting point in the Oracle database curriculum for administrators, developers and business users. The objective of this course is to provide an introduction to the SQL database language within the context of an Oracle database, based upon the latest features available. The primary objective of this course is to consider advanced subjects and techniques pertaining to the SQL database language, based upon the latest features available with the Oracle release. Even professionals experienced in other implementations of the industry-standard SQL language will benefit from the advanced and Oracle-specific features of SQL discussed in this course.

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No mandatory prerequisites exist for this course. However, one or more of the following cours
Relational Databases & Sql :
Choosing A Sql & Pl/Sql Interface:
Building A Select Statement :
Restricting Data With The Where Clause:
Sorting Data With The Order By Clause:
Pseudo Columns & Functions:
Joining Tables :
Using The Set Operators:
Summary Functions :
Using Sub-Queries :
Aggregating Data Within Groups:
Build Simple Sql*Plus Reports :
Use Data Definition Language To Create & Manage Tables:
Use Data Manipulation Language To Manipulate Data:
Sql99 Join Techniques:
Enhancing Groups With Rollup & Cube :
Using The Case Expression:
Sql Functions: Character:
Sql Functions: Numeric:
Sql Functions: Date :
Database Objects: Relational Views:
Database Objects: Data Dictionary Storage:
Database Objects: Indexes :
Database Objects: Other Objects :
Database Objects: Security :
Data Integrity Using Constraints:
Managing Constraint Definitions:
Advanced Sql*Plus Reports :