Oracle Database 11g: PL/SQL Fundamentals - Complete Library

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The primary objective of this course is to provide an introduction to the PL/SQL database programming language, based upon the latest features available with the Oracle database. Syntax, structure and features of the language are discussed in the context of database applications and programming. This course equips students to develop database server-side PL/SQL program units within an Oracle database.

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ORACLE DATABASE 11G: SQL FUNDAMENTALS COMPLETE LIBRARY is a mandatory prerequisite for this course.
Choosing A Sql & Pl/Sql Interface :
Using Sql Developer
Using Sql*Plus
Using Application Express
Using Jdeveloper Studio
Language Features:
Understanding Pl/Sql
Structure Of A Pl/Sql Program Block
Using Pl/Sql From Sql*Plus
Declare Clause :
About The Declare Clause
Declare Simple Types
Declare Complex Types
Type ... Table
Type ... Record
Begin Clause:
About The Begin Clause
Performing Data Manipulation
Logic Control & Branching
Exception Clause:
About The Exception Clause
Isolating The Specific Exception
Pragma Exception_Init
Sql%Rowcount & Select...Into
Explicit Cursors:
About Explicit Cursors
Advanced Cursor Techniques
Advanced Programming: Declared Subprograms:
Introducing Database Program Units:
About Database Program Units
Types Of Pl/Sql Program Units
Types Of Stored Program Units
Advantages Of Using Stored Program Units
Creating Stored Procedures & Functions:
About Stored Procedures & Functions
Creating Procedures & Functions
Executing Procedures & Functions
Maintaining Stored Procedures & Functions:
Recompiling & Dropping Programs
Data Dictionary Storage
Managing Dependencies
Creating & Maintaining Packages:
About Packages
Creating Packages
Advanced Programming Techniques
Maintaining Packages
Advanced Cursor Techniques:
Using Cursor Variables
Using Cursor Expressions
Using System-Supplied Packages:
Creating Database Triggers:
About Database Triggers
Statement-Level Triggers
Row-Level Triggers
Examples Of Triggers
Instead Of Triggers
Employing Triggers Within An Application
Maintaining Database Triggers:
Call Syntax
Trigger Maintenance Tasks
Show Errors Trigger
Drop Trigger
Alter Trigger
Handling Multiple Triggers For A Table
Handling Mutating Table Issues
Implementing System Event Triggers :
What Are System Event Triggers?
Defining The Scope
Available System Events
System Event Attributes