Oracle 9i Networking for DBA`s

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This course provides students with the knowledge and hands-on experience needed to configure Oracle networking.
Oracle Foundation Classes, Oracle DBA I or equivalent experience
Overview of Oracle Network Architecture:
Oracle Networking: A History
Oracle net Architecture
Oracle Net Layers
The Oracle net Communication Stacks
Oracle Compatible Protocols
Name Resolution:
Name Resolution Methods
Local Naming
Directory Naming
Centralised Naming
Host Naming
Oracle net Manager
Oracle Net Configuration Assistant
Oracle SNMP Agent
Oracle Net Client Configuration:
Oracle net Software Installation
Protocol Detection
Naming methods: local, directory, oracle, host, and external
Client connectivity
TNSPing Utility
Using LDAP with Oracle Net
Configuring Host Naming, Local Naming, Net Service Names
Using Oracle Names
Using Connection Manager
Using External Names
Difference between host naming and local service name resolution
Oracle net Server Configuration:
The Oracle Net Listener
Dynamic service registration
Configuring listener for IIOP and HTTP connections
Configuring Multiple Protocols
Listener Security
Changing and Deleting a Listener
Dead Connection Detection
Configuring Multiple Protocols
Shared Server:
Shared Server Architecture
Planning for an Shared Server Installation
Shared Server Restrictions
Init.ora / SPFILE Parameters
Using the Shared Server
Oracle Net Failover and Load Balancing:
Load Balancing
Oracle net Troubleshooting:
Testing Client/Server Connectivity
Examining Oracle Net Log Files
Oracle Networking and the Internet:
Web-based Architecture
Oracle internet Directory (OID)
Internet File System (iFS)
Oracle 9iAS
Development Tools
Management Tools
HTTP Architecture
Oracle9i Web Cache
Oracle9i Database Cache
A Day in the life of a Networking DBA:
Daily Tasks
As Needed Tasks