Oracle 9i Developer Form Builder

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This course is designed to provide application developers the hands-on experience using the Oracle Object Oriented 4th generation graphical user interface development tool. This lab-intensive course directs participants through application development from default form generation to custom, menu-driven applicatoins using object-oriented technology.
Oracle SQL and PL/SQL Foundation Classes or equivalent experience.
Introduction to Form Builder:
Oracle design and development tools
Object orientation
Form Builder object model utilisation
Using a Form Builder Application
Developing Form Builder Applications
Steps in developing form applications
Basic Components of Form Builder:
Entity relationship diagram for SPAM
SPAM physical data model
Parts of a Form Builder application
Relationship of a form to a database
Running a Form Builder Application:
Invoking the forms runtime
On-line help at runtime
Modes of operation
Retrieving data from the database
Inputting records into the database
Form Builder Design Interface Part 1:
Form Builder major tool set
Form Builder wizards, main menu, and modules
Form Builder Design Interface Part 2:
Using the property palette
Using the layout editor
Building a Basic Form Module:
Connecting to the database
Creating a new form module
New blocks
The layout and the Layout Wizard
Modifying a block
Saving the form module
Test run the new form module
Manually compile the form module
Visual Attributes and Property Classes :
Developing Inheritable and Reusable Objects:
Copy/subclass objects amongst form modules
Reusing objects across from modules
Mouse/keyboard hints
Object groups
Object groups
Form Builder application development steps
Skeleton form module building steps
Building a Robust Form Part 1:
Steps in building a form module
Building a Robust Form Part 2:
Working with toolbars
Add new objects
Creating canvas-views and a detail block
Editors and Alerts:
Specialised windows
Editors and Alerts
LOVS and Record Groups:
Lists of values
LOV properties
Record groups
Record group properties
Trigger Concepts:
Types of triggers
Database triggers vs. form triggers
Validation strategies
PL/SQL trigger scripts
Working with Triggers:
Global and System variables
Calling built-in routines
Handling error and failing triggers
Creating triggers
Populating non-base table items
Manipulating windows with triggers
Populating a non-base table calculated item
Performing actions from buttons
Object Oriented Coding Capabilities:
Form Builder application development steps
Reuse/Inheritance of objects
Copying existing triggers into a form module
Triggers in property classes
Program units
PL/SQL library modules
Object libraries and smart classes
Basic Menus:
Menu modules
Saving a menu module
Compiling a menu module
Attaching a menu module to a form module