Oracle 9i DBA II

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This course prepares students to backup, recover and network an Oracle 9i Server Database. The course covers the advanced options of the ORACLE 9i Server architecture related to backup and recovery and the methods available for Oracle Server networking.

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Oracle Foundation Classes, Oracle DBA I or equivalent experience is required.
Duties of the DBA for Networking
Ovewview of Oracle Network Architecture
Name Resolution
Oracle Net Client Configuration
Oracle Net Server Configuration
Configuring the Listener / LSNRCTL
Shared Server
Connection Manager
Oracle Net Failover and Load Balancing
Oracle net Troubleshooting
Advanced Security Option
Oracle Networking and the Internet
PL/SQL support and Packages for the DBA
A Day in the life of a Networking DBA
Backup and Recovery Duties of the DBA
Flashback Query
Instance Recovery
Physical NOARCHIVELOG Mode Backups
Configuring ARCHIVELOG Mode Backups
Complete Recovery
Incomplete Recovery
TSPITR & Standby Databases
Logical Backup and Recovery - Exporting LONGs, BFILEs, and LOBs
Data loading
Oracle Utilities and Packages
Backups Using Recovery Manager
Recovery Using Recovery Manager
Backup and Recovery Workshop