Oracle 11G new Features Workshop

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This four day workshop will get students hands-on with all of the important new Oracle 11g features they will need. Students will start with upgrades and downgrades and move on to real application testing, diagnosability and failure repair. DBA features for memory management, flashback, tables, and new Enterprise Manager tabs will then be covered. The course covers new performance and security features, backup, recovery, and data pump changes. Students will also work with several ASM and data warehousing changes.
Oracle 10g Database Administration, or equivalent experience.
Installing, Upgrading, and Managing Change:
Oracle Database 11g Installation
Database Creation New Features
Documentation Format
Upgrading to Oracle Database 11g
Upgrading with the DBUA
Real Application Testing
Real Application Testing Capture/Playback
Real Application Testing Analysis
Database Diagnosability and Failure Repair:
The Oracle Fault Infrastructure
adrci Command Interpreter
Recovery Advisors
Data Corruption
Database Administration:
Memory Management
Manual Memory Management
Automated Maintenance Tasks
Flashback Data Archive
New DDL Features
New Index and Table Features
DB Administration Features
Miscellaneous New Features
Advanced Table Compression
New OEM Features
Performance Management:
SQL and PL/SQL Performance Enhancements
SQL and PL/SQL Performance
Adaptive Cursor Sharing
Result Caching
Automatic SQL Tuning
Optimizer Statistics
OEM Enhancements
Database Security:
Database Security
Enhanced Default Security
Password Enhancements
Tablespace Encryption
UTL_* Networking Packages
Backup and Recovery:
RMAN Enhancements
Multisection Backups
Backup Management
Active Database Duplication
Recovery Catalog Management
Data Pump:
Data Pump Enhancements
Compression and Dump Files
Remapping Data
Partition Export/Import
Ignoring Errors, External Tables
Storage Management and ASM:
General ASM Knowledge
Storage Management and ASM
ASM Upgrade
ASM Preferred Reads
The asmcmd Command-Line Tools
asmcmd Commands
Metadata Backup and Restore
md_backup and md_restore
Oracle Direct NFS
Application Development:
New PL/SQL Features
Subprogram Call Enhancements
Trigger Enhancements
XMLDB Enhancements
APEX Application Express
Data Warehousing:
Next-Generation LOBs (SecureFiles)
Using SecureFiles
db_securefile Parameter
Partition Change Tracking
Pivot Operators
Extended Composite Partitioning
Virtual Column and System Partitioning