Oracle9i Discoverer Desktop

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This 2-day course will teach students the purpose and capabilities of the Discoverer 9i Desktop tool. Users learn to create fully customized ad-hoc queries. They will also learn how to modify the display, drill to data at several levels, analyze the data graphically, and perform other various tasks such as scheduling, importing and exporting workbooks. Administrators should attend this course first.

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The target audience for this course is end users and administrators of the Oracle 9i Discoverer Desktop tool.

There are no prerequisites to this course
Creating queries:
Starting discoverer desktop
Command line options
Online help
The workbook wizard
The results window
Query management:
Managing workbooks
Adding and duplicating workbooks
Moving/copying workbooks
Editing workbooks
Renaming and deleting workbooks
Managing items
Modifying the display:
Adding a report title
Page setup options
Formatting headings
Changing heading text
Modifying heading properties
Formatting data
Changing default column size
Displaying images in background
Modifying data display properties
Printing the report
Working with conditions and parameters:
Viewing, applying, displaying conditions
Creating new conditions
Using the new condition dialog
Multiple and nested formula conditions
Create conditions using the Analysis bar
Editing conditions
Working with parameters
Viewing, applying and disabling parameters
Creating new parameters
Executing the query with the parameter wizard
Working with exceptions and calculations:
How exceptions are used
Viewing, applying and disabling exceptions
Creating and editing exceptions
Working with calculations
Viewing, displaying and hiding calculations
Creating calculations using the edit calculation dialog
Creating calculations using the analysis bar
Editing calculations
Working with sorts, totals and percentages:
Creating column sorts
Creating group sorts
The sort table dialog
Working with totals
Viewing, displaying, hiding tools
Creating/editing totals using the total dialog
Working with percentages
Viewing, displaying, hiding percentages
Creating/editing percentages
Using the percentage dialog
Using the analysis bar to create percentages
Drilling the data:
Using the drill dialog
Specifying drill options
Drilling to a related item
Drilling to details in another sheet
Drilling to external applications
Graphing data:
Creating a graph
Selecting a graph type
The graph window
Customizing the graph
3D view properties
Scale and numbers
Editing the graph
Workbook maintenance :
Scheduling workbooks Schedule workbook dialog Scheduling manager Opening scheduled workbooks Exporting discoverer output Using the export dialog Sending workbooks via e-mail
Working with SQL and setting options:
Viewing, exporting and importing SQL
The SQL inspector and plan display
Setting discoverer options
General options
Query governor options
Table/crosstab options
Format options
Cache options
Advanced options
EUL options
Connection options
Using SQL functions in discoverer :
Function categories
Types of functions
String functions
Numeric functions
Numeric comparison and presentation functions
Date functions
Nesting a function