Microsoft Windows 8 Expert

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This Expert level is intended to help users who have experience with Windows 8 get to know its more complex components and settings. This manual will also assist all users in further understanding the new Start screen, as well as identifying how to customize their computer to suit their needs. <br> Highlights of the course include an overview of the redesigned Task Manager, tips on customizing your computer, an in-depth look at networking, and detailed information on hardware management.
Making Windows 8 Work for You :
To start, participants will learn how to add administrative icons to the Start screen and the desktop taskbar. They will also receive an introduction to the Control Panel and an overview of various customization options.
Windows 8 and Accessibility :
This section will cover Windows 8ís accessibility options, including the Ease of Access Center, Magnified, On-Screen Keyboard, Screen Reader, and Speech Recognition.
Maintaining and Optimizing your Computer :
This section begins with information on viewing and customizing user accounts. Then, participants will learn different ways to monitor system performance. Next, common maintenance tasks (such as defragmentation and disk repair) will be covered. To wrap up the section, participants will learn all about Task Manager, which has been rebuilt for Windows 8.
Hardware and Software :
In this section, participants will how to manage software, enable and disable Windows features, and manage file types. Participants will also learn how to use Device Manager and Disk Management to manage their computerís hardware.
Networking with Windows 8:
This section is all about networking, including wired and wireless networking and Homegroups. Advanced networking tasks (such as network drives, printers, and domains) will also be covered.
Troubleshooting Your Computer :
The final section of this course focuses on Windows 8ís troubleshooting tools, including Remote Desktop, the Action Center, Steps Recorder, and System Configuration utility. System Restore and the new Refresh and Reset features will also be covered.