Microsoft Windows 7 Intermediate

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In this course we will expand on the concepts that were introduced in the Foundation course by exploring how to customize Windows 7; taking an in-depth look at the more advanced programs and features of Windows 7; and learning how to manage files, folders, and libraries.
Participants should have taken or have equivalent experience of the Foundation course.
Working with Windows 7:
Windows 7 Basics
Working with Windows 7
Using the Recycle Bin
Using Gadgets
The Windows 7 Applications:
Windows Media Center
Windows Media Player
Windows DVD Maker
Windows Fax and Scan
Customizing Your Desktop:
Customizing the Taskbar
Advanced Taskbar Options
Customizing the Start Menu
Customizing the Desktop
Advanced File and Folder Tasks:
Using Search
Using Windows Explorer and Libraries
Managing Files and Folders
Advanced File Management