Microsoft Windows 7 Foundation

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Welcome to Windows 7. This Foundation-level course is designed to instruct new and casual computer users on using Microsoft’s latest operating system (OS), Windows 7
Participants should be familiar with using a mouse and have some experience of using a PC.
Getting Started:
The Basics of Windows 7
Interacting with the Computer
A Quick Look at Windows 7
Exiting Windows 7
Working With Windows 7:
Application Basics
Working with a Window
Working with Files and Folders
Basics of Menus and the Ribbon
The Basic Windows 7 Applications:
WordPad Basics
Doing More with WordPad
The Windows Calculator
Other Windows 7 Ultimate Programs
Doing More with Windows 7:
Staying Safe
The Basics of Internet Explorer 8
Doing More with Internet Explorer 8
Windows Live
Getting Help in Windows 7:
The Basics of Help
Using Windows Basics
Using the Table of Contents
Advanced Help and Support Tools