Microsoft Visio 2013 Expert

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The aim of this Microsoft Visio 2013 Expert course is to shine a light on the some power user skills that may be overlooked by some users, thus helping them get the most out of this software. These skills are provided over the course of a dozen modules that look at custom stencils and master shapes, shape reports, comments, markup tools, ink tools, legends, templates, and PivotDiagrams.
Participants should have taken our Advanced Visio 2013 course, or have equivalent knowledge.
Creating Custom Stencils:
Creating a New Stencil
Adding Shapes to a Stencil
Removing Shapes from Stencils
Deleting a Stencil
Creating Master Shapes:
Creating Master Shapes
Renaming Master Shapes
Editing a Master Shape
Deleting a Master Shape
Working with Master Shapes:
Editing Master Shape Properties
Adding Master Shapes to a Stencil
Modifying Master Shape Icons
Using My Shapes and Quick Shapes with Master Shapes
Creating Shape Reports:
Viewing Existing Reports
Creating a New Report
Modifying Reports
Deleting Reports
Using Comments:
Adding Comments
Navigating and Viewing Comments
Editing Comments
Deleting Comments
Using Markup Tools:
Marking Up a Diagram with Ink
Adding the Markup Command to the Ribbon
Enabling Track Markup and the Reviewing Pane
Deleting Markup
Using Ink Tools:
Using the Pen or Highlighter
Configuring Pen and Highlighter Appearance
Erasing Marks
Closing Ink Mode
Adding Legends:
Adding a Legend
Editing Legend Text
Adding Shapes to a Legend
Removing a Legend
Creating a Template:
Creating a New Template
Saving a Template File
Using a Template
Editing a Template
Getting Started with PivotDiagrams:
Creating a PivotDiagram
Adding Categories
Adding Totals
Showing and Hiding PivotDiagram Elements
Editing a PivotDiagram:
Applying Shapes
Moving Shapes
Collapsing and Expanding Shapes
Promoting and Demoting Shapes
Merging and Unmerging Shapes
Working with PivotDiagrams:
Sorting Data
Changing the Direction of the Diagram
Aligning Shapes in the Diagram
Using the Re-Layout Command
Editing Data for Individual Shapes