Microsoft Visio 2013 Advanced Essentials

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This course aims to take those users who are familiar with the basic concepts of Microsoft Visio 2013 and boost their skills to the advanced level. Participants will cover a wide range of features that are a part of Visio 2013 to help them get the most out of it.
To ensure the successful completion of this Intermediate/Advanced level course, the completion of relevant Core course - or equivalent knowledge - is recommended.
Doing More with Shapes:
Using Paste Special
Inserting a Field
Adding ScreenTips
Adding Hyperlinks
Working with Containers:
Adding a Container
Adding Shapes to a Container
Removing Shapes from a Container
Changing the Style of the Container
Resizing a Container
Disbanding the Container
Adding Callouts:
Inserting a Callout
Moving a Callout
Changing the Position of the Callout Line
Resizing a Callout
Changing the Callout Style
Using Layers:
Adding a Layer
Showing and Hiding Layers
Activating a Layer
Preserving Group Member Layers
Coloring Layers
Locking Layers
Linking Data to Shapes:
Manually Adding Data with the Shape Data Window
Manually Linking Shape Data
Automatically Linking Shapes to Data
Refreshing the Data Source
Removing Data Links
Using Data Graphics:
Inserting Data Graphics
Creating Custom Data Graphics
Editing Data Graphics
Removing Data Graphics
Creating Process Diagrams:
Creating a Process Diagram
Adding Shapes
Creating New Sub-processes
Linking Sub-processes
Editing Sub-process Links
Checking the Diagram for Errors
Creating Cross-Functional Flowcharts:
Creating a Cross-Functional Flowchart
Adding Swimlanes and Separators
Adding Shapes
Changing Diagram Orientation and Direction
Modifying Swimlane Margins
Choosing a Flowchart Style
Creating Organization Charts:
Creating an Organization Chart Manually
Creating an Organization Chart with the Wizard
Adding Shapes
Adding Images
Changing the Shape Style
Doing More with Organization Charts:
Modifying the Layout
Changing the Spacing
Modifying Positioning
Creating and Using a Synchronized Copy
Comparing Charts
Creating Workflow Diagrams:
Creating a Workflow Diagram
Adding Shapes
Importing SharePoint Workflows
Exporting Workflows to SharePoint
Creating Stage Outlines
Creating Gantt Charts:
Creating the Gantt Chart
Entering Tasks, Dates, and Durations
Adding Rows
Adding Columns
Configuring Working Time