Microsoft Project 2013 Advanced Essentials

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This advanced-level course offers an in-depth look at the features of Microsoft’s Project 2013. The course helps participants get a grasp on this very handy project management tool and the best ways to exploit its features to encourage and enhance productivity.
To ensure the successful completion of this Advanced course, the completion of relevant Core or Intermediate courses - or equivalent knowledge - is recommended.
Working with Network Diagrams:
Viewing a Network Diagram
Changing the Network Diagram Layout
Formatting Boxes
Modifying Box Styles
Working with Calendar View:
Viewing the Calendar
Viewing the Task List
Modifying Text Styles
Modifying Bar Styles
Formatting Gridlines
Changing Calendar View
Using the Team Planner:
Opening the Team Planner
Formatting Team Planner Items
Resolving Unassigned Tasks
Allocating Work
Creating Baselines and Interim Plans:
Setting a Project Baseline or Interim Plan
Viewing a Baseline
Viewing an Interim Plan
Clearing a Baseline or Interim Plan
Creating Progress Lines:
Displaying Progress Lines
Interpreting Progress Lines
Editing Progress Lines
Formatting Progress Lines
Removing Progress Lines
Review Questions
Tracking Progress:
Using the Tracking Gantt View
Tracking Tasks with Filters
Tracking Tasks with Grouping
Viewing the Critical Path
Viewing Task Paths
Resolving Resource Conflicts:
Determining When Resource Conflicts Exist
Reassigning Resources
Scheduling Overtime
Leveling Resources Automatically
Managing Project Costs:
Setting Currency Options
Entering Costs with the Resource Sheet
Entering Costs with the Resource Information Dialog
Using Cost Rate Tables
Viewing Costs
Manually Updating Costs
Comparing Projects:
Comparing Projects
Using the Compare Projects Tab
Analyzing the Results
Comparing Resources
Working with Resource Pools:
Creating a Resource Pool from a Single Project
Creating a Resource Pool from Multiple Projects
Linking a Project to the Resource Pool
Unlinking a Project from a Resource Pool
Updating a Resource Pool
Working with Multiple Projects:
Inserting Subprojects
Unlinking and Removing Subprojects
Consolidating Projects
Viewing Information about Inserted Projects
Using the Organizer:
Opening the Organizer
Copying Project Elements
Renaming Project Elements
Deleting Project Elements