Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007: Level 1

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In today`s work environment, presentations have moved far beyond flip charts and overhead projectors. Audiences not only expect that your presentations are in an electronic format, but they also demand that your presentations be unique and sophisticated in their use of such formats. In this course, you will work with Microsoft® Office PowerPoint® 2007 to create electronic presentations.

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To ensure your success, we recommend you first take one of the following courses or have equivalent knowledge:
Windows XP: Introduction
Windows XP Professional: Level 1
Windows XP Professional: Level 2
Windows 2000: Introduction
Getting Started with PowerPoint :
Explore the User Interface
Navigate and View a Presentation
Use Microsoft PowerPoint Help
Enter Text
Save a Presentation
Creating a Presentation :
Create a Presentation
Edit Text
Add Slides to a Presentation
Arrange Slides
Work with Themes
Formatting Text on Slides :
Apply Character Formats
Apply Paragraph Formats
Format Text Placeholders
Adding Graphical Objects to a Presentation :
Insert Clip Art and Pictures
Draw Shapes
Insert WordArt
Modifying Objects :
Work with Objects
Change Object Orientation
Format Objects
Group and Ungroup Objects
Arrange Objects
Adding Tables to a Presentation :
Create a Table
Format Tables
Insert a Table from Microsoft Word
Inserting Charts in a Presentation :
Create a Chart
Edit Chart Data
Modify a Chart
Paste a Chart from Microsoft Excel
Preparing to Deliver a Presentation :
Review Content
Add Transitions
Apply an Animation Effect
Create Speaker Notes
Print a Presentation