Microsoft Office Outlook 2016 level 2

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This course is aimed at all users of Microsoft Outlook 2016, Microsoft’s powerful information management program. It will help users get up to speed on the various Outlook 2016 features and become familiar with its more advanced options. This course shows how to configure advanced message options, use advanced message management options, manage activities using tasks, edit electronic business cards, share your workspaces with others, manage Outlook data files, among other topics.
This course assumes the participants have completed or has an understanding of the course covered in the first part of the Microsoft Office Outlook 2016 courseware, including:
Getting started with Outlook 2016
Composing messages
Reading and responding to messages
Managing your messages, calendar, and contacts
Working with tasks and notes
Customizing the Outlook environment
Insert Advanced Characters and Objects:
Chart Types
Quick Parts
Modify Message Settings, Properties, and Options:
Importance Levels
Sensitivity Levels
Multiple E-mail Accounts
The From Option
The Bcc and From Fields
Saving Sent Messages To Another Folder
Re-Directing Replies
Delivery Options
Language Options
Advanced Options
Use Automatic Replies:
Automatic Replies
The Automatic Replies Dialog Box
Creating Rules
Managing Rules
Automatic Reply Rules
Sort Messages:
Sort Criteria
The Sort Dialog Box
Filter Messages:
The Filter Dialog Box
Organize Messages:
Conditional Formatting
Default Conditional Formatting Rules
The Rules Wizard
Search Messages:
Instant Search
The Search Tools Contextual Tab
The Advanced Find Dialog Box
Search Options
Search Folders
Custom Search Folders
Manage Junk Mail:
Junk E-mail Filter
The Not Junk Option
Safe Senders List
Blocked Senders List
Manage Your Mailbox:
Mailbox Size
Alternate Message Formats
About Archiving
Manually Archiving
Cleanup Tools
Manage Advanced Calendar Options:
Access Calendar Settings
Work Time Options
Calendar Options
Display Options
Time Zone Options
Other Calendar Settings
Manage Additional Calendars:
Additional Calendars
Overlay Calendars
Calendar Groups
Creating Calendar Groups
Manage Meeting Responses:
Meeting Responses
Meeting Response Management
The Tracking Command
Assign and Manage Tasks:
The Task Request Form
Task Reply Options
Task Details
Status Reports
Task Options
Edit an Electronic Business Card:
Default Electronic Business Cards
The Edit Business Card Dialog Box
Manage Advanced Contact Options:
People Options
Contact Groups
Manage Contact Group Membership
Show Notes About a Contact Group
Send a Message to a Contact Group
Forward a Contact Group
Delete a Contact Group
Forward Contacts:
Formats to Forward a Contact
Export Contacts:
The Export Option
Delegate Access to Mail Folders:
Permission Roles
Share Your Calendar:
Share Calendar Options
Share Your Contacts:
Share Contacts Command
View Shared Contacts
Back Up Outlook Items:
Outlook Data Files
Change Data File Settings:
Data File Settings
Configure E-mail Message Security Settings:
Digital Signatures
Digital ID
Information Rights Management