Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 Advanced

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This course is the third in a series of Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 courses. It builds on the email and calendaring skills you have already obtained and will provide you with the skills needed to personalize email, organize Outlook items, manage Outlook data files, share and link contacts, save and archive email, create forms, and work offline and remotely.
This course assumes that you are able to use Windows to manage information on your computer and that you have an intermediate knowledge of Outlook. The following courses (or equivalent knowledge thereof) are required:
Windows XP: Introduction or Windows 2000: Introduction
Windows XP Professional: Level 1
Windows XP Professional: Level 2 (if using Windows XP)
Microsoft Office Outlook 2010: Foundation
Microsoft Office Outlook 2010: Intermediate
Microsoft Office Word 2010: Foundation
Advanced E-Mail Features:
Customizing and Using Signatures
Customizing and Using Stationery
Attaching Items to an E-mail
Changing Message Options
Setting Advanced Message Options
Using the Outlook Options Dialog
Advanced Information Management Tools:
Advanced Calendar Options
Advanced Task Options
Advanced Contact Management Options
Advanced View Options
Advanced Topics:
Linking Items
Custom Forms
Publishing Your Calendar
Using the Social Network Connector
Data Management:
Using the Account Settings Window
Using Personal Folders
Managing Personal Folders
Using Outlook Profiles
Outlook Security:
The Trust Center, Part 1
The Trust Center, Part 2
The Outlook Address Book, Part 1
The Outlook Address Book, Part 2