Microsoft Office Excel 2016 Advanced

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This course will extend your knowledge into some of the more specialized and advanced capabilities of Excel by using the data analysis and business intelligence features. You will learn how to use the advanced features such as What-If analysis and Scenario planning, PivotTables and Power Pivots for analysis of large data sets.
Experienced MS Excel users who have completed an intermediate course or have a similar level of knowledge.
Learning Outcomes :
Having completed the training, the attendees will be able to:
• Use the new features in MS Excel 2016
• Use a PivotTable, PivotCharts & PowerPivot to analyse large data sets
• Understand Data analysis and Business intelligence features in Excel
• Create what if analysis and scenarios to create Best case, Worst Case of Most Likely projections
• Use advanced functions
• Create macros
What’s new in Excel 2016:
• New templates, charts and Quick Analysis
Analysing Data using PivotTables:
• Changing the layout and format of the PivotTable
• Calculations and analysis in Pivot Tables
• Using Slicers to filter the PivotTable data
• Connecting Slicers to multiple Pivot Tables
• Creating a MS Excel Dashboard using Slicers
• Using PivotChart drill down buttons
Data Analysis and BI:
• Introduction to Power Pivot
• Using the Power Pivot for Business Analysis and reporting
• Using Get and Transform
• Power Query and data models
• Power Maps
What If Analysis:
• The Analysis ToolPak
• Creating scenarios to investigate best case and worst case
• Using Goal seek to prepare forecasts or get the desired results
• Data Input Tables to calculate multiple results
New functions in Excel:
• Ifs, Switch, MaxIfs, MinIfs, Countifs, SumIfs, Iferror
Smart Lookup:
Advanced Excel Tasks:
• Creating Click and point Macros