Microsoft Expression Web 2007: Level 2

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Microsoft® Expression® Web 2007 has made it possible for you to create standard compliant websites that are aesthetically appealing. Microsoft® Expression® Web 2007 also makes it possible for you to design websites that are highly interactive and dynamic. In this course, you will create a fluid designed website and add dynamic features to make it engaging to the users.
Students should have taken the Microsoft® Expression® Web 2007: Level 1 course or have equivalent knowledge. Recommended, though not required, is the Microsoft® Access 2007: Level 1 course. Also, knowledge of XML, database concepts, and ASP.NET would be helpful, but not required.
Creating the Layout of a Website :
Create a CSS Layout
Modify a Layout
Create the Master Page
Working with Layers :
Create Layers
Set Layer Styles
Manage Multiple Layers
Assign Behaviors to Layers
Working with Forms :
Create a Form
Set Validation Parameters for Form Controls
Display Database Data on a Web Page
Create a Login Page Using the Login Controls
Enhance Form Design
Designing Web Pages Using Frames :
Create a Frames Page
Edit Display Properties of a Frame
Add Hyperlinks to a Frames Page
Add an Inline Frame
Working with XML :
Create an XML Database
Display XML Data on a Web Page
Display RSS Feeds on a Web Page

Managing Workgroup Development :
Create a Workgroup
Work with Workflow Reports
Manage Files with Source Control