Microsoft Expression Web 2007: Level 1

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You want to make some information available on the Internet. To do this, you might want to design, build, and upload a website. The features and functions in Expression Web will enable you to create a website to suit your requirements.
Although experienced users will appreciate the extensive functions of Expression Web, no technical background is required to use the software. However, it may be helpful if a student has completed the following courseware: HTML 4.01: Web Authoring, Level 1 and Cascading Style Sheets, or has equivalent knowledge from another source.
Getting Started with Expression Web :
Overview of Website Development
Explore the Expression Web Interface
Customize the Expression Web Interface
Designing the Layout of a Website :
Define a Website
Design Layouts Using Layout Tables
Define Standard Layout Components
Create a Dynamic Web Template
Adding Content to a Website :
Create a Home Page
Add Text to a Web Page
Import Pages to a Website
Format Text
Work with Tables
Work with Images
Formatting a Website Using CSS :
Introduction to CSS
Create an External Style Sheet
Attach an External Style Sheet
Create an Internal Style Sheet
Modify an External Style Sheet
Working with Links :
Create Hyperlinks
Create Bookmark Links
Format Text Hyperlinks
Create a Hotspot
Adding Interactivity :
Add an Interactive Button
Open a Page in a New Browser Window
Create a Rollover
Add an Audio File
Finalizing a Website :
Check for Accessibility
Check for Compatibility
Generate CSS Reports
Check the Site Summary Report
Publish the Website