Introduction to Xcelsius 2008

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This Xcelsius training class will serve as an introduction to building dashboards with Xcelsius 2008. Participants will create, design, and publish business dashboards using the Xcelsius application.
No mandatory pre-requisites.
Getting Started with Xcelsius :
Explore the Xcelsius Interface
Explore a Dashboard
Creating Simple and Interactive Visualizations :
Create a Simple Xcelsius Chart
Manage Personal Finance Using Value Box
Organize Levels of Information Using Filters
Conduct a Comparative Study Using List Builder and Line Chart
Conducting Data Analysis :
Conduct Trend Analysis Using Combo Box
Conduct Demand Analysis Using Label Based Menu
Conduct a Region Based Demand Analysis Using Maps
Forecast Revenue Using Sliders and Gauge
Creating a Project Management Dashboard :
Drill Down the Status of Current Projects Using the Drill Down Function
Analyze Resource Efficiency Using Fisheye Picture Menu and Other Tools
Analyze Resource Utilization Using Combination Chart
Creating a Human Resources Dashboard :
Create an Organization Dashboard Using Organization Chart
Conduct Attrition Analysis
Finalizing Dashboards :
Create a Snapshot
Publish Dashboards