Introduction to TOAD for Oracle

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This course illustrates the latest features of TOAD necessary to view, extract, and manipulate data within the Oracle database. It covers all of the features necessary to develop, manipulate, and debug PL/SQL code, develop and tune SQL statements, using Query Builder and ER tools, and discover useful features of TOAD. It will also show how to see the data relationships of the application data and how to view/save this data.

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No previous experience of TOAD required. Some Oracle experience is beneficial.
Installation/Migration/Connecting Topics:
Working with SQL:
viewing/changing Data
creating reports
extracting Data,
working with SQL
discovering all of the help available
creating SQL with minimal key strokes using templates & auto substitution
Schema Browser Tips and Techniques :
viewing/changing Data
creating reports,
extracting Data
working with scripts
working with spreadsheets
Working with PL/SQL:
develop, execute, and debug PL/SQL routines
work with templates to create procedures/functions/triggers
Query Builder/ER Diagrammer/Master Detail Browser :
viewing application data relationships
viewing related Data
Tuning with TOAD:
explain plans
finding problem SQL using TOAD's interface to wait events
TOAD's session interface to SQL
using the Oracle Trace Facility
Using the Fast Reports reporting tool:
TOAD configuration :
TOAD session monitor:
Viewing useful data:
Dictionary information:
Database compare/export/. :
Creating DDL and data-oriented scripts.: