Introduction to Monarch Pro

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This course takes new users through the fundamental concepts of Monarch and builds to more advanced feature over the two days.
Template Building :
How to deal with report inconsistencies, such as variable lines and intermittent fields. Advanced Field Options allow you to specify the start and end points of a field while extracting it.
Specifically we will work with “preceding string” and “after last defined field in template” options.
The Page Header Template; your secret ally. :
Table Structure :
Arrange Table data by sorting, moving and hiding fields. Write simple expressions and use Monarch’s predefined functions to simplify building compound expressions.
Summary tables give you subtotals, totals, averages, percentages and more.
Exporting :
Learn how to export to other applications such as MS Excel.
We will customise our exports to create multiple worksheets and to append data within a single file.
Advanced Features :
Learn how to drill in the summary view, match values to limit summary records, freeze panes, cluster your charts, build 3D cross-tabs.
Do “Top 10” analysis, create runtime parameters, lookup fields.
Floating traps, address blocks, control default preferences and more.

Multiple Run time parameters prompt you to enter appropriate data each time a model is activated. Use Lookup Fields to simply reference a list of pre-existing values. See how wild cards can be used in controlling summaries, table filters and calculated fields.
Importing and Joining :
By utilising a field common to both files, we will easily join data that is maintained in separate tables or worksheets.
Lab Sessions :
You will spend a portion of the time working on your own files brought on disk, or you may simply use that time to practice what you have learned with sample data.