Introduction to Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Test & Lab Management

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This course aims to provide hands–on familiarisation to the Test and Lab Management features of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. At the end of the course, students will have an understanding how to plan tests, create test cases, execute test suites locally or remotely, and create action scripts for applications written in Microsoft Visual Studio and how to analyse and report their progress.
- Working knowledge of Microsoft Windows
- No other prerequisites though an understanding of testing principles and terminology would be beneficial
Course Objectives:
On completion of this course, attendees will be able to:
- Understand and create test plans in Microsoft Test Manager
- Manage shared steps
- Manage test cases
- Create action scripts using variable data
- Execute of test cases
- Log defects
- Understand concepts relating to Test controllers and agents
- Understand concepts of Test Settings
- Understand system links
- Execute tests against predefined virtual environments and machines
- Set configuration variables
- Add file attachments
- Run queries and reports
Architectural overview of Microsoft Team Foundation Studio:
- What are the key components affecting you as a tester
- Understanding the difference between Agile and CMMI
- User stories and requirements
- Test Terminology
Organising the Test and Lab Manager:
- What are test plans and how do they affect your process
- Understanding configuration variables
Planning and creating test cases:
- Defining shared steps
- Defining data parameters
- Create an action recording
- Manage test cases
Test Suite execution:
- Linking to requirements
- Linking to test cases
- Executing a single test case, locally
- Executing multiple test cases, locally
- Executing action scripts, locally
Logging and tracking progress:
- Test configurations
- Logging bugs
- Tracking your progress
- SharePoint Dashboards
Virtual test machines:
- Understanding and using preconfigured virtual environments
- Executing either manual or action recording on a virtual machine