Introduction to Microsoft ASP.NET

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This is a focused 3 day course designed to introduce participants to the basics of ASP.NET (DOTNET) and provide them with a foundation knowledge of programming in the language.
Participants should have some knowledge of programming and ideally have used HTML and ASP. The course is not intended as an Introduction to Programming.
Working with Microsoft ASP.NET:
Introducing ASP.NET
Creating Web Forms
Adding ASP.NET Code to a page
Handling Page Events
Discussion: ASP vs. ASP.NET
Using Web Controls:
What are Web Controls?
Using Intrinsic Controls?
Using Input Validation Controls
Selecting Controls for Applications
Using Microsoft ADO.NET to Access Data:
Overview of ADO.NET
Connecting to a Data Source
Accessing Data with DataSets
Using Stored Procedures
Accessing Data with DataReaders
Binding to Extensible Markup Language (XML) Data
Using Trace in Microsoft ASP.NET Pages:
Overview of Tracing
Trace Information
Page-Level Trace
Application-Level Trace
Seperating Code from Content:
Advantages of Partitioning an ASP.NET Page
Creating and Using Code-Behind Pages
Creating and Using User Control
Creating and Using Components
Using Web Services:
What is a Web Service?
Calling a Web Service from a Browser
Calling a Web Service by Using a Proxy
Creating a Simple Web Service by Using Visual Basic
Creating and Calling a Web Service by Using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
Creating a Microsoft ASP.NET Web Application:
Requirements of a Web Application
What is New in ASP.NET?
Sharing Information Between Pages
Securing an ASP.NET Application