Introduction to Java Spring Framework

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This 3-day course introduces the Spring Framework, the leading full-stack framework for Java EE applications. Topics covered include the Spring container, dependency injection, data validation, aspectoriented programming, the JDBC Template, and the Hibernate Template. A Web application is also presented to illustrate the use of the Spring Web MVC framework.
Participants must have a strong Java programming skills and exposure to Java EE technology.
Introduction to Spring:
What is Spring?
Overview of the Spring Framework
Spring Philosophies
Spring Documentation
A First Look at Spring:
A Simple Example
Wiring Beans
Configuring a Properties File
Schema-Based Configuration
Spring Beans:
Bean Functionality
Spring Configuration File
Spring Beans
Accessing the Spring Container
Singleton vs. Prototype
Bean Naming
Dependency Injection
Setter Injection
Constructor Injection
The Application Context:
The ApplicationContext Interface
Accessing Application Components
Accessing Resources
Internationalization with MessageSource
Application Events
Data Validation and Conversion:
The Validator Interface
The Errors Interface
The ValidationUtils Class
Testing the Validator
Property Editors
Custom Property Editors
Aspect-Oriented Programming:
Aspect-Oriented Programming
AOP Concepts
AOP Proxies
The AOP Alliance
Types of Advice
AOP Example
Using JDBC with Spring:
A Simpler Approach
The JdbcTemplate Class
Exception Translation
Updating with the JdbcTemplate
Queries using the JdbcTemplate
Mapping Results to Java Objects
Using Hibernate with Spring:
What is Hibernate?
Hibernate Sessions
The HibernateTemplate
Sample Class with Annotations
Sample Class and Mapping File
Creating and Saving a New Entity
Locating an Existing Entity
Updating an Existing Entity
Hibernate Query Language
Executing Queries
Spring Web MVC Part 1:
Spring Web MVC
The DispatcherServlet
Writing a Controller
A Simple View Page
Configuring the Controller
Adding a View Resolver
Adding a Message Bundle
Adding Business Classes
Adding Test Data
Accessing a Database
Adding a Form
Updating the Database
Integrating Hibernate
Spring Web MVC Part:
Handler Mappings
View Resolution
Chaining View Resolvers