Introduction to Computers

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Students will gain a good knowledge of basic computer skills, and will be able to progress onto other application courses.
No previous knowledge or experience required.
Using Startup and Shutdown:
Starting Your Computer
Shutting Down Your Computer
Restarting Your Computer
Locking your Computer
Logging on/off your Computer
The Desktop, Windows & Programs:
Working with the Desktop
Working with the Taskbar
Working with Icons
Working with Windows
Opening a Window
Minimizing/Restoring a Window
Maximizing/Restoring a Window
Moving a Window
Sizing a Window
Scrolling a Window
Closing a Window
Switching between Windows - Taskbar
Switching between Windows - Keyboard
Minimizing/Restoring Multiple Windows
Using Windows Explorer:
Opening Windows Explorer
Viewing Your Computer
Opening an Object
Creating a Folder
Renaming a Folder
Copying Files and Folders
Moving Files and Folders
Deleting Files and Folders
Opening the Recycle Bin
Retrieving a Deleted File
Using Microsoft Word:
Starting Microsoft Word
Entering Text in a Document
Selecting Text
Changing the Font
Changing the Font Size
Changing the Font Style
Saving a New Document
Closing a Document
Opening an Existing Document
Previewing a Document
Printing a Document
Exiting Microsoft Word
Using Microsoft Excel:
Starting Microsoft Excel
Navigating a Worksheet
Entering Text into Cells
Entering Numbers into Cells
Entering a Formula
Editing Cell Entries
Saving a New Workbook
Closing a Workbook
Opening an Existing Workbook
Previewing a Worksheet
Printing a Worksheet
Exiting Microsoft Excel
Internet & Email:
Browsing the World Wide Web
Search Engines
Using E-mail
Sending and Receiving emails
Protecting against Viruses