Implementing Oracle XML Applications

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The first part of the course covers the nuts and bolts of XML and the related standards XSLT and XPath. This is followed by an overview of the various XML components and toold for developing Oracle XML applications, such as JDeveloper, Oracle XML Parser, XSLT Processor, XSQL pages and the XML SQL Utility, as well as the role of XML in Oracle Business Components for Java (BC4J) The main part of the course is concerned with using SQL, XML and XSLT for processing and transforming data and documents
Attendees are expected to have a good working knowledge of SQL and Oracle, and at least a basic knowledge of PL/SQL and Java.
Fundamentals of XML:
Origins and uses of XML
Building blocks of XML
Well formed XML documents
Resources and links
Document models and DTDs
Event based and tree based processing of XML documents
Searching XML with XPath
Style sheets and XSLT
Developing XML applications using JDeveloper and Java:
Editing XML, XSQL and JSP files
Parsing XML documents using DOM or SAX
Transforming documents using XSLT
Searching XML documents using XPath
Constructing XML documents using DOM
Implementing servlets to process or return XML
Running and processing XSQL pages
Processing XML with PL/SQL:
Loading external XML files
Parsing XML
Searching XML with XPath
Generating and transforming XML query results
XML Messages
XSLT and XML data transformation:
How XSLT processing works
Single and Multiple-template style sheets
Input-Output Options
XSLT variables
Grouping repeated data using SQL
Sorting and grouping repeated data using XSLT
XSQL Pages:
Overview of XSQL
Transforming XSQL page results using XSLT
XML Datagrams:
Generating XML using PL/SQL or Java
Serving XML datagrams over the web
Generating XML automatically from SQL Queries
Storing and retrieving XML datagrams
Searching XML documents:
Overview and uses of interMedia
Understanding the interMedia query language
Advanced interMedia queries
Advanced topics:
Extending XSQL and XSLT using Java
XSQL based document publishing
XSLT based web portals