H T M L 4 . 0 : A d v a n c e d

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This course is designed for particpants with limited HTML experience who want to learn some of the more advanced HTML elements and techniques. The objectives are to learn how to control page and element margins, widths and spacing. Participants will be able to customize and design forms and add accessibility features. We will explore how to create framed Web pages and insert inline frames. We will also identify the variants of HTML and XHTML and how to validate an HTML document.
HTML 4.0: Basic, or equivalent experience
Design techniques:
Page margins
Element width
Element spacing
Table formatting:
Spanning rows and columns
Table background color
Nested tables
Accessible tables
Introduction to forms
Form layout
Form options and attributes
Customized forms:
Form styles
Accessible forms
Introduction to frames
Frame links
Inline frames
HTML variants and validation:
HTML variants
XHTML authoring