HTML 4.01 Web Authoring, Level 3

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At this point, you have a well-rounded set of skills for creating Web pages. HTML 4.01: Web Authoring, Level 3 is the third and final course on the topic of creating Web pages with HyperText Markup Language (HTML). Its purpose is to show you a lot of the undervalued aspects of the HTML language that will not only help the majority of your users have the best possible experience, but it should also help you stand out among other Web authors. <BR> <BR> <a href=''> View other Courses available </a> <BR>
HTML 4.01 Web Authoring, Level 1 and HTML 4.01 Web Authoring, Level 2.
Modifying Links :
Modify Default Link Styles
Set a Tabbing Order
Define Access Keys
Create an Email Link with Default Content
Enhancing Forms :
Organize Form Elements
Create Categorized Drop-down List Options
Control Form Element Access
Enhancing Data Tables :
Create Columns
Create Row Groups
Add a Summary and Caption
Create a Scrolling Table
Create Custom Table Borders
Creating a Page Layout Using Frames :
Create a Frameset Document
Modify Frame Borders
Specify Frame Targets
Create Inline Frames

Preparing to Publish a Web Site :
Help Users Find Your Site
Validate an HTML Document
Choose a Web Host