H T M L 4 . 0 : B a s i c

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This course is designed for participants with basic knowledge and experience in personal computing and the World Wide Web, who want to learn the basics of creating Web pages using HTML. The course objectives are to create a basic Web page and structure text using a variety of HTML tags. Then to create links to other documents and learn how to insert and manipulate images. Participants will also create and modify tables.
Familiarity with basic Internet concepts and the Windows platform, and the ability to use a Web browser.
Getting started:
Introduction to the Web
HTML 4.01
Basic HTML structure
Structuring text:
Bold and italic text
Quotes and citations
Character entities and horizontal rules
Text size
Creating lists
Linking documents
Email links
Intradocument links
Image formats
Inserting images
Creating tables
Modifying tables
Style Sheets:
CSS: Web style sheets
Adding color
Text styles
Linked style sheets