G Suite script for integration and G Suite Add-ons

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Because GSuite is a suite of products in the cloud there are nice opportunities to integrate between the various parts of the suite. This module will build on the introduction to scripting and do a real example of an integration task that works with Sheets, Docs, Google Drive and Gmail.
Participants should be experienced GSuite users or advanced MS Office users.
Integration example:
Create a spreadsheet
Add a menu to the Sheets application
Create a script that is launched when you select the menu option
The script will create a document from the information in the spreadsheet and save the file to google drive and that document will be sent as a pdf to a gmail recipient.

GSuite Add-ons:
GSuite is extensible through the use of Add-ons that implement features that are not built into the base products. These Add-ons can be obtained from third parties or you can write your own. We will look at some of the options available.
Adding a MailMerge Add-on from the marketplace:
Do a MailMerge task using the Add-on.
Examples of other Add-ons
Creating your own Add-ons