G Suite Sheets – Intermediate

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Self-taught users of Sheets often miss some of the great tools available in GSuite. This course aims to highlight the key functions in building spreadsheets, analysing, interrogating and presenting data.
Sheets users who want to move their skills from basic to Intermediate and gain an understanding of what’s possible with more advanced tools in Sheets. The course is for existing Sheets users (or former Excel users) to ensure you’ve got the key knowledge to move on to Advanced skills and automating functions within Sheets and integrating with other G Suite apps.
Working with Sheets & Data:
• Create Multiple Sheets using Group mode
• Naming/ Deleting/Inserting
• Moving/Copying
• Linking sheets
• Sorting/Filtering
• Sheet Protection
Cell Referencing:
• Mixed
• Absolute
• Relative
Range Names:
• Creating a Range Name
• Using Range Names in Functions
• Delete Range Names
• Basic IF Function
• SumIf
• CountIf
• If Function
• ISBlank
• ISText
• ISError
• IFError
• Using VLOOKUP to Find Data
• How to Find an Exact Match with VLOOKUP
• Finding the Closest Match with VLOOKUP
• Creating Graphs
• Manipulating Graphs
• Advanced Edits