G Suite Custom Functions and Automation Introduction

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This is an introduction to the scripting features that are available in GSuite. There are two broad use cases - creating custom functions and automating tasks. Custom functions can make your sheets easier to understand or can do things that are not possible with the built-in functions. Automating repetitive tasks is another use for scripting and can take help you work smarter rather than harder and eliminate potential sources of human error.
Participants should be experienced GSuite users - or MS Office Advanced users.
Scripting Introduction:
GSuite scripting is done using google script which is a JavaScript variant. This lesson will look at the script editor and introduce the basic scripting syntax.
A GSuite custom function:
A simple custom function
A more complicated custom function
Automating a task:
The GSuite custom function second use case is to automate a task.
Perhaps you have to do three operations every time you open a Sheet - you can automate these to become a single operation.
We will create some simple scripts for automating tasks.
Launching a script:
When you have a reusable script you will need to launch it. There are various techniques for doing this. We will look at adding a clickable element to a sheet and modifying the menu structure.
Recording a macro / script:
A new feature in GSuite is the ability to record a macro.
Customising a recorded macro.
Launching a macro.