Flash Media Server: Streaming Media Application Development

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Flash Media Server: Application Development provides experienced Flash developers with the knowledge and hands-on practice they need to build and deliver Streaming and Social Media applications with Flash Media Server. This course focuses on teaching students the Server Side ActionScript, ActionScript and Flash skills required to build real-world rich media applications with audio, video, and data that interact dynamically with the user
This course is for experienced ActionScript programmers who want to deliver Streaming Media Applications with Flash Media Server. To gain the most from this class, you should:

- Be comfortable using the Flash Professional authoring environment
- Have knowledge of basic programming constructs including loops, functions and objects
- Be familiar with basic ActionScript concepts
Introducing the Course:
Reviewing the Course Prerequisites
Reviewing the Course Format
Outlining the Course Content
Introducing Flash Media Applications:
Introducing Streaming and Social Media Applications
Presenting FMS Application Runtime Platforms
Understanding Flash Player Security, Camera and Microphone Settings
Understanding Supported Media Types
Flash Media Server Programming Languages and Application Development Tools
Exploring FMS Directories and Files
Understanding FMS Editions
Leveraging the FLVPlayback Component:
Introducing the ActionScript FLVPlayback Component
Streaming Video Without Code
Implementing Basic Player Controls
Enhancing the Player with ActionScript
Using FullScreen Mode
Using Video Metadata
Subscribing to Live Video
Streaming Pre-Recorded Audio and Video:
Streaming Pre-Recorded Audio and Video
Reviewing Streaming File Formats
Setting up FMS for Streaming
Core Classes for Streaming in ActionScript
Introducing the NetConnection Class 1 2
Exploring NetConnection Event Handling
Streaming with ActionScript
Exploring NetStream Event Handling
Building Live Streaming Clients:
Using Live Audio and Video
Accessing the Microphone and Camera
Optimizing Device Configuration
Using the NetStream Class for Publishing
Subscribing to Live Video
Introducing SSAS:
Introducing Server Side ActionScript (SSAS)
An Overview of SSAS Classes
Working with the Application Class
Managing Connection Re quests from Clients
Working with the Client Class
Using the NetConnection Class in SSAS
Creating Social Media Applications:
Defining Social Media Applications
Using Remote SharedObjects (RSO)
Connecting to Remote SharedObjects
Writing to Remote SharedObjects
Reading Remote SharedObject Data
Examining SharedObject Synchronization
Remote Method Invocation
Broadcasting One-Way Messages
Special Uses for NetStream Messaging
Client / Server Remote Method Invocation