Fast Track to WebSphere Portal Server

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WebSphere Portal Server provides a customizable and extensible environment to provide a single point of interaction for applications, users, and processes. Portal Server provides each user with a tailored experience so that information is available when needed and with consistency. Any one who has ever used or is familiar with the concept of a portal, and Portal Server is the type of software behind such portals.
Delegates should have experience with Java programming, an understanding of Servlets and JSP for Web Application material and practical experience with WebSphere Application Server.
This course is for developers, technical and project staff working with WebSphere Portal.
After completing this course delegates will be able to:
Install WebSphere Portal and its components
Add new content to WebSphere Portal
Configure security in WebSphere Portal
Deploy custom portlets
Introduction :
Course Content
Copyright Notice
Introducing WebSphere Portal Server :
Portal Examples
Portals Used in Business
Portal Security
WebSphere Portal Family
WebSphere Portal Express
WebSphere Portal Enable
WebSphere Portal Commerce
WebSphere Portal Extend
Available Portlets
Required Hardware/Software
Supported Web Browsers
Installing WebSphere Portal Server :
Installing WPS
Language Selection
Welcome Window
License Agreement
Hardware/Software Check
Firewall Warning
WebSphere Application Server WAS Installation Directory
HTTP Server
HTTP Server Installation
Directory Run as Service WAS Names
WPS Installation
WPS Admin
ID Confirmation
Swap CDs Completion
First Steps After Installation
Additional Required Servers
Uninstalling WPS Review
Running WebSphere Portal Server :
Starting WPS
Test the Running
WPS Log Out
Stopping WPS
Auto-starting WPS
Removing the WPS Service
Using an External HTTP Server
Customizing WebSphere Portal Server:
Portal User Interface
User Interface Components
User Interface Hierarchy
Adding Nodes
Managing Pages
Using the Hierarchy Path
Hierarchy Path Toolbar
Using Node Content
Node Content Toolbar
Creating a Page
Creating a Label
Creating a URL
Changing Page Content
Portal Look and Feel
Managing Themes and Skins
Changing the Theme
Changing the Skin
Branding a Portal
Mobile Portal Access
Adding Users
Security :
Security Concepts: Authentication
Security Concepts: Authorization
Users and Groups
Groups Hierarchy
Managing Security Users and Groups
Portlet Viewing
Group Membership
Creating Groups
Creating Users
Changing Group Membership
Deleting Groups, Deleting Users
Node Permissions
Managing Node Access
Security Roles
Removing Default Access
Granting Node Access
Portlet Permissions
Managing Portlet Access
Granting Node Access
Deploying Portlets :
Installing Portlet Applications
Uninstalling Portlet Applications
Updating Portlet Applications
Activating/Deactivating Portlets