Docker Fundamentals

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The Docker Fundamentals training course is for software developers and systems administrators seeking to gain a foundational understanding of the Docker platform.
Delegates should have experience with the Linux command line interface, and have a basic knowledge of networking
Course Objectives:
In informal workshop style, delegates will learn how to:

Launch containers using the Docker CLI
Build Docker images, using Dockerfiles
Make use of different networking options
Include Docker in a development workflow
Create a Swarm cluster
Deploy services to a Swarm cluster
Manage service updates and rollbacks
Day One - Introduction to Docker:
Docker Overview
Training Environment
Installing Docker
First Containers
Background Containers
Start And Attach
Docker Images:
Initial Images
Building Images Interactively
Building Images With Dockerfiles
Cmd And Entrypoint
Copying Files During Build
Multi Stage Builds
Publishing To Docker Hub
Dockerfile Tips
Docker Networking:
Naming And Inspecting
Container Networking Basics
Network Drivers
Container Network Model
Developing with Docker:
Local Development Workflow
Working With Volumes
Compose For Dev Stacks
Advanced Dockerfiles
Day Two - Introduction to Swarm:
Training Environment
Sample Application - DockerCoins
Running the Application
Identifying Bottlenecks
Declarative vs. Imperative
Swarm Mode
Creating a Swarm
Swarm Services:
Running a Swarm Service
DockerCoins on Swarm
Hosting a Registry
Global Scheduling
Integration with Compose
Updating Services
Rolling Updates
Operating a Swarm Cluster:
Breaking into an Overlay Network
Securing Overlay Networks
SwarmKit Debugging Tools
Secrets Management
Encryption at Rest
Least Privilege Model
Updating Services
Rolling Updates
Advanced Topics:
Stateful Services
Controlling Docker from a Container
Node Management
Links and Resources