Crystal Reports 9.0: Level 1

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Crystal Reports 9.0 Level 1 is the primary recommended course you should take if your job responsibilities require you to obtain output from databases. It is also the first course in the Crystal Reports 9.0 series. In this course, you will build basic list and group reports that work with almost any database. <BR> <BR> <a href=''> View other Crystal Reports Courses available</a> <BR>
Exposure to a Windows operating system would be helpful and a basic understanding of database concepts is necessary
Creating a List Report :
Set Default Report Settings
Build the Report
Preview the Report
Add a Report Title
Align Fields
Displaying Data in a Report :
Find Data
Sort Data
Filter Data by Single Criteria
Grouping Report Data :
Insert a Group
Add Summaries
Change Group Options
Add an Additional Group
Format a Group Header
Filter by Group
Create a Top N Sort Group
Building Formulas :
Write a Formula
Edit a Formula
Group by Formula
Delete a Formula
Build a Filter by Multiple Criteria
Modify a Filter with Multiple Criteria to Create an OR Condition
Create a Parameter Field
Write a Formula that Incorporates Null Fields
Formatting Reports :
Remove White Space
Insert Page Header/Footer Data
Add Borders and Lines
Change the Background Color
Change the Margins
Enhancing Reports :
Create a Watermark
Add Bulleted Lists
Modify Format Based on Data Value
Conditionally Suppress Data
Insert Hyperlinks
Hide Report Objects
Creating and Modifying Pie Charts :
Create a Pie Chart with a Drill-down
Change the Chart Title
Format a Chart
Present a Chart by Group
Distributing Data :
Export to Excel
Export to an Access Database
Create a Report Definition
Create Mailing Labels