Crystal Reports 8.5 - Introduction

Students will learn the basics of report creation including sorting, grouping, linking, basic formula creation, working with report experts and how to distribute reports to other users.
To ensure your success, we recommend that you are familar with one of the following courses or have equivalent knowledge:

Windows 95: Introduction
Windows 98: Introduction
Windows NT 4.0 Introduction
Examining the Capabilities of Crystal Reports
Planning Your Report
Reviewing the Class Database Files and ReportTypes
Modifying the Program Default Settings
Using Help
Creating Basic Reports:
Report Sections
Generating a New Report
Viewing Your Report
Changing the Size and Position of Your Fields
Formatting Your Report
Adding the Finishing Touches to Your Report
Saving Your Report
Sorting and Selecting Data:
Using Sort Options
Using the Select Expert
Using Multiple Criteria in the Selection Formula
Changing the Record Selection Formula
Grouping and Summarising:
Understanding Group Components
Defining Multiple-level Groups
Working with Grouping Options
Inserting Subtotals and Grand Totals
Working with Summary Fields
Calculating the Percentage of the Group to theGrand Total Functions
Using Grand Total Summary Function
Using the Top N/Sort Group Expert
Using the Report Expert:
Creating a New Report Using the Standard ReportExpert
Creating a New Report Using the Mail Label ReportExpert
Editing Reports Using the Report Expert
Cross-tab Reports:
Using Cross-tab Reports
Using the Cross-Tab Expert
Working with Existing Cross-tabs
Understand Cross-tab Layout Features
Formatting Options
Understanding Relational Database Basics
Using the Visual Linking Expert
Understanding Link Options
Understanding Link Options for PC and SQL Databases
Creating Formulas:
Understanding Formula Components
Using the Formula Editor to Create Formulas
Modifying Your Formulas
Using String Functions
Using Date/Time Functions
Using If-Then-Else Statements in Formulas
Calculating Your Own Summary Fields
Formatting Sections:
Reviewing Sections
Resizing Sections in Design View
Formatting Sections with the Section Expert
Creating Summary and Drill-down Reports
Distributing Data:
Exporting a Report to Another File Format
Integrating Your Information with Office SuiteSoftware
Creating a Report from Excel Data
Using Crystal Enterprise for Web Reporting