Crystal Reports 8.5 - Advanced

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Crystal Reports 8.5 Advanced is a hands-on instruction book that will introduce you to the some of the advanced features within Crystal Reports. You will use variables and multiple statements in formulas, create and use parameter fields, develop conditional format statements and work with multiple sections. <BR> <BR> <a href=''>Other Crystal Reports Courses </a> <BR>
This course is designed for users with a basic knowledge of Crystal Reports but who require the use of advanced formulas and formatting, need to access information that is not PC-based, or need to set up reports that other users will access and run. Although no database experience is necessary, some of the concepts may be more meaningful if the user has worked with database applications before. A basic knowledge of relational data concepts is also recommended.
Review Exercises:
Creating a Basic Report
Adding and Linking Databases to a Report
Selecting, Grouping, and Summarizing
Creating Formulas
Formatting Sections for Summary/Drill-Down
Conditional Formatting:
Absolute versus Conditional Formatting
On/Off Formatting
Conditional Attribute Formatting
The Highlighting Expert
Restoring Conditional Formats
Advanced Formulas:
Using Variables in Formulas
Creating a Running Total
Understanding Multiple-pass Reporting
Using Evaluation Time Functions
Creating Formulas Using Multiple Variables
Multiple Sections:
Inserting Sections
Moving Sections
Splitting Sections
Multiple Sections and Conditional Formats
Parameter Fields:
Creating Parameter Fields
Using Pick Lists
Using Parameter Fields in Record Selection
Using Edit Masks
Using Parameter Fields to Set Sort Criteria
Using the Like Statement
Setting Conditional Formats Using ParameterFields
Using Report Alerts:
What are Report Alerts
Creating Report Alerts
Modifying Report Alerts
Deleting Report Alerts
Advanced Cross-tabs:
Inserting Multiple Rows, Columns, and SummarizedFields
Editing a Cross-tab
Using Formula Fields in a Cross-tab
Using Parameters in Cross-tabs
Creating a Cross-tab Object for Each Group Value
Identifying Subreport Features
Inserting Unlinked Subreports
Formatting Subreports
Inserting Linked Subreport
Using On-demand Subreports
SQL/ODBC and Crystal SQL Designer:
Introducing Structured Query Language (SQL)
Introducing ODBC Data Sources
Introducing the Crystal SQL Designer
Using a Query to Create a Report
Crystal Dictionaries:
Defining Dictionaries
Using Existing Dictionaries
Creating Dictionaries
Enhancing Your Dictionary
Modifying a Dictionary
Using Chart Types and Layouts
Using the Chart Expert to CreateGraphs
Modifying Existing Charts with the Chart Editor
Formatting Charts