CompTIA Network+ Certification

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Our CompTIA Network+ N10-007 course covers the concepts and skills needed to plan, install, maintain, and troubleshoot modern networks in a vendor-neutral format. This includes physical network components and technologies, logical structures, common protocols, and network security. This course maps to the CompTIA Network+ N10-007 certification exam.
This course assumes that you have basic knowledge at using and maintaining individual workstations. The knowledge required to obtain the CompTIA A+ certification is helpful but not specifically required.
Course setup
Network skills pre-assessment
Module A: Networking concepts
Module B: Classifying networks
Module C: Network models
Module D: The troubleshooting process
Physical Networks:
Module A: Connection technologies
Module B: Network devices
Module C: Copper media
Module D: Optical media
Module E: Ethernet standards
TCP/IP Networks:
Module A: IP addressing
Module B: Core protocols
Module C: Network ports and applications
Module A: Switching
Module B: Routing
Wireless LANs:
Module A: Wireless networks
Module B: Wireless LAN standards
Wide Area Networks:
Module A: Internet connections
Module B: WAN infrastructure
Cybersecurity principles:
Module A: Goals and threats
Module B: Digital security
Module C: Transport encryption
Defending networks:
Module A: Network security components
Module B: Network authentication systems
Module C: Hardening networks
Evolving network technologies:
Module A: Network convergence
Module B: Virtual and cloud systems
Network operations:
Module A: Monitoring and optimization
Module B: Fault tolerance and disaster recovery
Module C: Incident response
Network planning:
Module A: Network policy design
Module B: Network installation
Module C: Maintenance and upgrades