Certified Agile Tester

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We are well aware that agile team members shy away from standardised training and exams as they seem to be opposing the agile philosophy. However, agile projects are no free agents; they need structure and discipline as well as a common language and methods. Since the individuals in a team are the key element of agile projects, they heavily rely on a consensus on their daily work methods to be successful. All the above was considered during the long and careful process of developing a certification framework that is agile and not static. The exam to certify the tester also had to capture the essential skills for agile cooperation. Clearly no simple multiple choice test would be able to show the examinee’s soft skills. Hence a whole new approach was developed together with the experienced input of a number of renowned industry partners
If you are interested in CAT® you should be familiar with the following about testing and may wish to consider the ISTQB® Certified Tester Foundation Level as preparation:

- Test Design – EP / BVA / State Transition / Decision tables / Exploratory
- Basic Test Terminology
- Understand the difference between functional and non-functional testing including the basic concepts of Performance and Usability testing
- Performing all the activities associated with the fundamental test process
Day 1: History and Terminology: Agile Manifesto, Principles and Methods :
Problems with Traditional
Agile Manifesto & Principles
Agile Methods
Agile Process Option
Intro to Agile Exercise
Day 2: Planning:
Requirements & Specifications
Iteration 0
Release Planning
Task Board
Test Strategy
Iteration Planning
Burndown Charts
Sprint Practice Exercise
Day3: Testing:
Continuous Integration
Version Management
Acceptance Criteria
Regression Testing
Defect Management
Testing Exercises
Day 4: Teams :
Test Automation
Non Functional Testing
Debt Technical & Testing
Agile for Large Projects
Summary Testing Exercises
Day 5: Assessment :
Practical Assessment
Written Exam Revision
Written Exam