C++11 and C++14 Development

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Thought you knew C++? Think again! The C++11 standard is a huge leap forward in the language and STL. Largely inspired by Boost, the C++11 standard introduces support for lambdas, multithreading, vastly improved object construction mechanisms, and much more beside. This course takes a deep and detailed look at all the new features on offer in C++11, along with the incremental additional changes in C++14.
3-6 months C++ programming experience
what you`ll learn:
Working with C++11 smart pointers
Functional programming in C++11
Defining and using lambda expressions
Using C++11 container classes
Implementing code applications in C++11
Using miscellaneous C++ language features
What's new in C++ 14
General Language Enhancements in C++11:
auto variables
Using auto in template definitions
Using decltype
New return syntax
Range-based for loops
Making your own classes iterable
Generalised constant expressions
Strongly-typed enums
Null pointers
Explicit overrides
Static asserts
Additional Language Features in C++11:
Lvalues, rvalues, and rrvalues
Reference binding rules
Support for movability in the STL
Improved initialization syntax
Inheriting and delegating constructors
Regular expressions
Date and time
Explicit conversions
Variadic templates
Miscellaneous New Language Features in C++14:
Function return type deduction
Alternate type deduction in declarations
Relaxed constexpr restrictions
Variable templates
Aggregate member initialization
Standard user-defined literals
Smart Pointers:
Recap of smart pointer concepts
Shared pointers
Weak pointers
Unique pointers
Techniques and patterns
Introduction to Functional Programming:
Overview of functional programming
Using std
Lambda Expressions:
Overview of lambda expressions
Lambda syntax in C++11
Defining lambdas with arguments and a return value
Variable capture
Using lambdas with the STL
Performance considerations
Generic lambdas and lambda capture expressions in C++14
C++11 and C++14 Containers:
Overview of new STL features
Using std
C++11 and C++14 Multithreading:
Creating simple threads using std