Business Objects Desktop Intelligence Introductory Reporter Course

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This course is intended for new users of Business Objects Desktop Intelligence who have little or no previous experience of the software. The course aims to provide a good basic grounding in the use of Business Objects for presenting and analysing information, and for distributing that information to others within your organization. At the end of the course you should feel confident about using the basic reporting features of the software.
The course is suitable for users of Business Objects Desktop Intelligence XI, or earlier Business Objects versions 5, 6, and 6.5 (Full Client). It is not suitable for users of any version of Business Objects Web Intelligence.
The BusinessObjects Environment:
Universes, Classes and Objects
Data Providers
The Training Course Universe eFashion
The User Interface:
Toolbars and Menus
The Report Manager
The Status Bar
Opening and Retrieving Documents:
Opening, Saving and Closing Documents
Retrieving Documents
Sharing Documents
Using Slice and Dice:
The Slice and Dice View
Converting Tables to Crosstabs
Converting Table Blocks to Charts
Adding Breaks, Totals, Filters and other Functions
Modifying Reports/Analysing Data:
Editing Blocks to Manipulate Data
Adding Blocks to an Existing Report
Master/Detail Reports
Adding New Reports to a Document
Creating and Editing Queries:
Using the Query Panel
Editing a Query
Building a Query
Running a Query
Saving Queries
Restricting Data with Conditions:
Simple Conditions
User Defined Single Value Conditions
Pre-Defined Conditions
Using Functions:
Filtering Data
Sorting Data
Ranking Data
Using Alerters
Inserting Calculations
Presentation Styles:
Tables, Crosstabs and Charts
Using/Applying Templates
Formatting Blocks
Formatting Pages
Formatting Breaks
Special Fields
Using Headers and Footers
Adding Logos and Pictures
Creating Templates