Architecting on Amazon Web Services - Advanced Concepts

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Building on concepts introduced in the Architecting on AWS course, the Architecting on AWS Advanced Concepts course is designed for individuals who are experienced with designing scalable and elastic applications on the AWS platform. In this course, we cover how to build more complex solutions which incorporate data services, infrastructure configuration management, and security on AWS. This course introduces more specialized AWS services, including Amazon Elastic MapReduce, AWS OpsWorks, and AWS Elastic Beanstalk, as well as demonstrates design components for building scalable, elastic, secure, and highly available applications on AWS.
We recommend that attendees of this course have:
Working knowledge of architectural design
Familiarity with cloud computing concepts
Experience with general network architectures and services
Experience with core AWS products and services, such as Amazon EC2 , Amazon S3, and Amazon RDS
This course is designed to teach you how to:
Understand Apache Hadoop in the context of Amazon EMR
Understand the architecture of an Amazon EMR cluster
Launch an Amazon EMR cluster using an appropriate Amazon Machine Image and Amazon EC2 instance types
Choose appropriate AWS data storage options for use with Amazon EMR
Know your options for ingesting, transferring, and compressing data for use with Amazon EMR
Use common programming frameworks available for Amazon EMR including Hive, Pig, and Streaming
Work with Amazon Redshift to implement a big data solution
Leverage big data visualization software
Choose appropriate security options for Amazon EMR and your data
Perform in-memory data analysis with Spark and Shark on Amazon EMR
Choose appropriate options to manage your Amazon EMR environment cost-effectively
Understand the benefits of using Amazon Kinesis for big data
Day 1:
Course Overview
Architecting with Amazon VPC
High availability and Amazon VPC
From Diagrams to AWS CloudFormation
Bootstrapping and Auto Configuration
Day 2:
Command Line Tools and Auto Scaling
Data Analysis
Data Services
Storage Lifecycle Management
Introduction to Application Management Services
Day 3:
Identity and Access Management
Leveraging Amazon CloudSearch
ncorporating Amazon CloudFront
Example: Microsoft SharePoint