Advanced PHP Training

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In this advanced PHP training course, students will learn advanced features of the PHP web programming language, its extensions and open source libraries for XML processing. As the technical web programming paradigm changes, more layers of abstractions are introduced by the PHP open source community. This course takes a deep dive into those areas such as XML/XSLT, XML-RPC, Smarty Templates, Web Services, Ajax and many more. This PHP course also explores the built-in advanced Object Oriented language constructs and looks at some of the best practices with all of the advanced technologies combined. PHP is a core part of the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) platform.
Experience in the following areas is required: PHP
Experience in the following areas would be beneficial: XML
Object-Oriented PHP :
Building a Class
Working with Properties and Functions
Private, Protected, Public modifiers
Building a Web Page Object
PHP Objects in N-Tier Web Architecture
Importance of PHP Business Objects
PHP XML Support :
Simple XML Object
Executing XPath Queries
DOM Interoperability
Using XPath
Installing and Configuring LIBXSL
Applying Server side XSL Transformations
Using XML in N-Tier Architecture
Mixing PHP Objects and XML
Installing PEAR::HTTP_REQUEST with Dependencies
HTTP GET Request
Programmatically Posting to a HTML Form
Parsing the Response
Building a Basic Authentication PHP Client
XML-RPC Implementations
Installing and Configuring PHPXMLRPC
XML RPC Data-Types
XML RPC Server
XML RPC Client
XML RPC Request and Response
Exploring the XML RPC API
PHP Web Services :
Web Service Technology Stack
Web Services with PHP
Installing NuSOAP
Building a SOAP SERVER
Consuming a Web Service
Generating WSDL Dynamically
Understanding Generated WSDL
WSDL and SOAP Proxies
Complex PHP Web Services :
Building Interoperable Web Services
Generating and Handling SOAP Faults
RPC Vs. Document Message Encoding
Serializing the SOAP Envelope
Web Service Best Practices
Ajax with PHP :
Ajax Overview
Ajax Technology Stack
Ajax Implementations
Installing and configuring HTML_Ajax Pear Module
Ajax Server
Ajax Client
Smarty Templates :
Smarty Overview
Installing and configuring Smarty Pear Module
Setting up a Template
Passing Data to the Template
Smarty for Template Designers
Smarty for Programmers
Smarty in N-Tier Architecture