Advanced Configuration Management with Ansible

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The course is intended to give engineers who currently use Ansible knowledge of the deeper and more specialist areas involved in it`s application. The aim of the workshop is to give a greater understanding of what goes on "under the hood", how Ansible can be used in the application development lifecycle, and how Ansible can be tailored for scaled and enterprise environments. Notes: This course does not include either Windows configuration or "Ansible Tower", the enterprise offering from Ansible. However we can include basic coverage of these topics if requested.
- Mid-level Linux or Unix administration skills
- Previous experience of using Ansible
Module Development internals
The Python API
Developing Dynamic Inventories
Developing Modules
Developing Plugins
Application and Infrastructure Testing
Managing Network Devices
AWS and Ansible
Vagrant and Ansible
Docker and Ansible
Continuous Delivery and Rolling Upgrades
Performance and Scaling