Adobe FrameMaker 8.0 Level 1

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You have created documents using other word processing applications. Now, you want to work with documents using an application that has a wide range of techniques to organize information across documents. In this course, you will create documents using the tools in Adobe® FrameMaker® 8.0: Level 1
Students must be familiar with Microsoft Windows XP, 2000 or Vista, and a word processing software such as Microsoft Word
Getting Started with FrameMaker :
Explore the FrameMaker Interface
Customize the User Interface
Manage Multiple Documents
Creating a New Layout :
Create a New Document
Add Content to Pages
Create a New Document from a Template
Editing Text :
Edit Text
Check Spelling Using the Spell Checker
Replace Text Using the Find/Change Utility
Track Text Edits
Formatting Documents :
Apply Character Formatting
Apply Paragraph Formatting
Set Tabs in Paragraphs
Creating Lists :
Create Lists from Default Formats
Create Custom List Formats
Create a Nested Sequential List
Controlling Formatting and Text Flow :
Apply Selective Formatting
Set Page Breaks
Control Widows and Orphans
Creating Page Layouts from Master Pages :
Create Headers and Footers
Resize a Text Frame
Create Side Headings
Outputting Documents :
Print a Document
Create a PDF File from a FrameMaker Document
Create an HTML File from a FrameMaker Document
Create an XML File from a FrameMaker Document