Adobe Flash CS3 Level 2

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As a web developer, you want to create engaging experiences for the visitors to your sites. Thus far, you have probably created straightforward HTML or Flash files with simple animations using prebuilt components. In this course, you will create rich Internet applications with Adobe Flash CS3 using ActionScript. The site you create will pull data from external sources, so it will respond to user choices based on the information in those files. You will also manage forms, perform calculations, and tailor the interface using ActionScript programming.

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Before taking this course, students should have taken the Adobe Flash CS3: Level 1 course or have equivalent knowledge.
Using ActionScript :
Add Components from the Actions Panel
Trace a String
Populate a Text Area with ActionScript
Store Data in Variables
Manipulating Components with ActionScript :
Create an Event Handler
Create a Form with Interactive Components
Use Conditional Logic in ActionScript
Working with Movie Clips :
Create a Movie Clip
Check for Movie Clip Collisions
Attach a Movie Clip from the Library Panel
Adding Data Using Built-in Classes :
Create a Dynamic Text Field
Read Data from a Text File
Reusing Code with Functions :
Streamline Code Using Built-in Functions
Create User-Defined Functions
Reference an External ActionScript File
Connecting to External Data :
Examine Dynamic Content in Flash
Add Data to an XML File
Load Data from an External Data Source
Create Dependent Components
Building a Navigation System :
Display SWFs Using Buttons
Add a Submenu Using Buttons
Managing User Data Using Forms :
Gather User Data Using a Form
Create a Submit Button
Submit User Data