Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 - Level 1

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You may want to make information available on the Internet. To achieve this, you need to create a website. In this course, you will design, build, and upload a website using Dreamweaver.
To ensure your success in this course, it is recommended that you first take the following: Web Design with XHTML, HTML, and CSS : Level 1.
Getting Started with Dreamweaver:
Identify the Basic Concepts of Web Design
Uniform Resource Locator (URL)
The Website Access Process
Principles of Web Designing
Design Elements
Element and Attribute Consistency
Layout Symmetry
CS Live
Locate Dreamweaver Interface Elements
The Welcome Screen
The Dreamweaver Workspace
Document Views
Customize the Interface
Panel Groups
Predefined Workspaces
The Preferences Dialog Box
How to Customize the Interface
Initiating a Website:
Identify the Elements of a Project Plan
Project Plans
Project Plan Phases
Project Plan Deliverables
Determine the Workflow of a Web Project
Site Maps
Define a Website
Starter Layouts
The Site Setup Dialog Box
The FILES Panel
How to Define a Website
Create a Document
File Naming Conventions
Page Size Resolution
The New Document Dialog Box
The Home Page
The Check Spelling Command
How to Create a Document
Designing Web Pages:
An Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets
Cascading Style Sheets
Types of CSS
CSS Rules
Tag Styles
Class Styles
Format a Web Page
Text Properties
CSS Text Properties
The Page Properties Dialog Box
CSS Disable-Enable
The div and span Tags
The INSERT Panel
How to Format a Web Page
Identify Copyright and Citation Requirements
Copyright Terminologies
Copyright Permission
Citing Internet Content
Insert Images
Graphic File Formats for the Web
Image Properties
CSS Image Properties
How to Insert Images
Insert Tables
The Table Dialog Box
CSS Table Properties
Table Modes
How to Insert Tables
Import Data from Other Applications
Import Commands
The Clean Up Word HTML Command
How to Import Data from Other Applications
Organize Files and Folders
How to Organize Files and Folders
Creating Reusable Site Assets:
Create and Use Library Items
The ASSETS Panel
How to Create and Use Library Items
Update Library Items
How to Update Library Items
Use Snippets
How to Use Snippets
Create a Template
Regions of a Template
How to Create a Template
Working with Links:
Create Hyperlinks
The Hyperlink Dialog Box
How to Create Hyperlinks
Create Anchors
How to Create Anchors
Create Email Links
Email Link
How to Create Email Links
Create Image Maps
Image Maps
How to Create Image Maps
Create Image Link Rollovers
How to Create Image Link Rollovers
Uploading a Website:
Validate a Website
Accessibility Standards
The Results Panel Group
Validator Preferences
Site Reports
Adobe BrowserLab
How to Validate a Website
Upload Files onto a Site
The Get and Put Commands
Site Upload
How to Upload Files onto a Site