Adobe Dreamweaver CS4: Level 2

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You have created basic web pages. Now, you would like to develop websites with advanced functionality. In this course, you will use the advanced features of Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 to design and develop professional-looking websites.
To ensure your success in this course, it is recommended that you first take the following - Adobe Dreamweaver CS4: Level 1
Working in Code View :
Use Coding Tools
Search for and Replace Code
Add Design Notes and Comments
Formatting with Advanced CSS Techniques :
Use External Style Sheets
Create a Layout Using CSS
Apply Rollover Effects Using CSS
Working with AP Elements :
Create AP Elements
Control AP Elements
Working with Spry Elements :
Use Spry Interface Widgets
Modify Spry Widgets
Use Spry Data Sets
Creating a Form :
Set Up a Form
Add Form Elements
Validate a Form
Integrating External Files with Dreamweaver:
Integrate Photoshop Images into Dreamweaver
Insert Media Objects
Working with Adobe Bridge and Adobe Device Central :
Using Adobe Bridge and Adobe Device Central :
Explore Adobe Bridge
Apply Metadata and Keywords to Assets in Adobe Bridge
Work with Stacks and Filters in Adobe Bridge
Preview Web Pages in Device Central
New Features in Adobe Dreamweaver CS4: